Technology Development


We use imported equipment throughout our production line, ensuring the stability of both our equipment and the production process, while strict controls at each stage guarantee the reliability of our products. All new technologies or materials that are introduced are subjected to a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that our clients are provided with top quality, reliable products.


  1. 4BB cells: more uniform current collecting capacity, reduced current loss through internal resistive heating, attractive design.
  2. Low light performance: We use top quality glass and chemical etching technology on solar cell surfaces in order to achieve optimum performance in low light conditions.
  3. Load capacity: modules are certified to withstand a 2400Pawind load and 5400Pa snow load.
  4. High efficiency: our state-of-the-art automated production process achieves efficient module conversion (up to 16.50% in polycrystalline modules).
  5. Anti-PID: superior anti PID module design.
  6. Positive tolerance: 0/-5W positive tolerance ensures reliable power output.
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