Group Introduction

Zhonggui Rongde Investment Goup, is briefly called Zhonggui Rongde Group. The group parent is Zhonggui Rongde Investment Co., Ltd. The legal representative is Mr. Li Hua. The members of the group all have qualified legal representative.

Zhonggui Rongde Investment Goup bases on the mission of ‘follow policy orientation, grasp market opportunity, bring together outstanding talent’, keeps the principle of ‘integrity management, sustainable development, complementary advantages, win-win together’, uses the investment way of ‘mainly with equity investment, supplemented by other investment’, to engage with SME in ‘electronic information, medical, new material, new energy, high technology, environmental protection, social welfare’ industry, run the business of ‘project investment, project management, equity investment, asset management, business planning, business advisory services’.

The group parent of Zhonggui Rongde Investment Group is Zhonggui Rongde Investment Co., Ltd. There are five subsidiary corporation, as below:

Two wholly-owned subsidiaries, mainly in pension industry:

Zhonglian Silicon Valley (Beijing) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Beijing Songhelin Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Three holding subsidiaries:
Hongjinghong (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd, mainly in liquor industry
Xinglong County Chaohe Agriculture Leisure Investment Co., Ltd, mainly in pension industry
Xinglong County Wusetu Agriculture Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd, mainly in pension industry

There are twenty holding companies.

Pension Block

Xinglong County Baodao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Anji Wuyang Investment Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Anji Yingsheng Investment Co., Ltd

Technology Block

Quantum Industry:
Zhonggui Quantum Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Pharmaceutical Industry:

Zhongshan Fudi Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Zhonggui Rongde (Zhongshan) Sugar-Free Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Zhonggui Rongde (Zhongshan) Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Beijing Fuli Huadi Biological Technology Co., Ltd
Diqing State Shangri-La City Zhonggui Kangda Biological Technology Development Co., Ltd
Shandong Jiahua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Photovoltaic Industry:

Zhonggui Sona (Xiamen) New Energy Co.,Ltd.

Polymer Industry

Zhonggui Rongde (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd

High Technology Industry

Zhonglian iNet Network Technology Co., Ltd

Culture Block

Zijincheng (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd
Beijing Hezhong Film Culture Development Co., Ltd

Other Industry:

Fujian Cross-Strait Agricultural Products Logistic City Development Co., Ltd
Henan Yaxuan Real Estate Co., Ltd
Chengde County Yuyuan Mining Co., Ltd
Zhonggui Rongde (Hangzhou) Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd
Zhonggui Rongde (Zhejiang) Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd

Zhonggui Rongde Group takes a step-by-step approach in implementing its investment strategy, maintaining flexibility and efficiency. In doing so, the group is guided by its corporate philosophy of observing government wishes, meeting the people’s needs and targeting sound industrial investments. By constantly exploring new channels for investment to boost company capital, the group has evolved into corporation which operates principally in the technological and pension industries, with additional arms in the cultural and liquor industries as well as having a financial platform.

As the society develop, technology advances, nowadays, Zhonggui Rongde Investment Group has evolved into corporation with ‘two main business, two auxiliary industy and one financial platform’, the power has a steady increase. Since establishment, the group has built the professional team for financial, equity investment, project operation and marketing management. Sincerely welcome community leaders to visit.

Wild China, Charming Zhonggui. Zhonggui Rongde Investment Group look forward to your joining.

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